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A little about us...


       The Sun Solutions line was formulated through extensive market research and actual consumer response. Sun Solutions takes pride in providing quality skin care products; we specialize in tanning oils and creams, protective lotions and oils, as well as a line of aloe vera after-exposure skin conditioners. Aloe Vera and vitamin E are our feature ingredients. The Sun Solutions line has something for everybody, every day of the year. This ultimate skin care program provides not only sun protection, but dark tanning and skin reconditioning solutions as well. 

Where we started:

        Sun Solutions started in the '70s in response to the needs of resort go-ers in Daytona Beach. Pool attendants heard complaints about "the old stand-bys" not doing the job.

Sunbathers wanted something that would keep them from burning, give them a great tan with a moisturizer that will stop peeling, flaking and to prevent dry skin. The need was answered by the development of Sun Solutions, an aloe vera based line of products that finally did all of those things; was not gunky or greasy, smelled great and really worked. Sun Solutions suntan lotion quickly spread to resorts from Hawaii to the Caribbean. After their vacation, many people continued use of the aloe based creams daily for skin care. Word of mouth soon created the need for a Sun Solutions mail order network; now we ship all over the planet. Thanks to all of our customers for telling their friends and keeping us providing this unique formula to you for over 40 years!

Sun Solutions products can be purchased directly from this website, by mail order, or by phone (1-800-533-2563).  

The Sun Solutions Experience

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We want you to be completely happy with your Sun Solutions experience. If you have questions about us, our products, or even REGARDING SHIPPING, please CALL 1-800-533-2563



Customer Letters

We've received thousands of letters from satisfied customers over the years, it would have been impossible to go through them all, so we selected a few from the top of the box! Keep 'em coming, folks!

"Last year, we visited Myrtle Beach, S.C. for our vacation. While I was down there I purchased a bottle of your Sun Solutions for a change from my regular Hawaiian Tropic. I like to tan and do get very dark. I am pleased to tell you that I feel your Sun Solutions works a lot better than Hawaiian Tropic"
-Laura A. Fleming

"I purchased two of your products while in Vegas. I've been very happy with them. For a red-head with freckles to tan is so unusual but I am and I love it."
-Joanne Robinson

"..several of my patients have had an opportunity to use Sun Solutions Sun Survivor Creme in their convalescent phase. They have used this as a moisturizer, even though the product had been reserved for a moisturizer status post sunburn."
-Dr. Franklin Di Spaitro

"My brother in law had a bottle of Super Aloe Body Gel. I was very badly sunburned and I used about 12 different things and then he gave me some of this and it soothed and started to help soon after using it."
-Le Dean Birenmon

"Recently, my husband and I took a cruise on the S.S. Emerald Seas. On the ship, I purchased some of your Sun Solutions Sun Dancer Oil. People say I'm the darkest they have ever seen me!"
-Marilyn Martin

"Working seven days a week this time of year really leaves me little time to type or write anything, but I feel so wonderful about your product that I am. I go yearly to Daytona Beach for about 3 weeks. We stay at Perry's Ocean Edge. I am telling you this because that is where I got my start with your product. The girl who was there, if not still there, let me try a little of your product before purchasing a twenty dollar bottle of suntan lotion...anyway, I was never really tan except for when I was pregnant..but your product is unbelievable as for what it does for me. Having taken this bottle from the south sun to north sun I can only tell you that it is a wonder. I have friends/relatives that I have gotten on the product. I am not a kid, meaning I have had many years of trying to have a rich golden tan, and nothing is as super as your product!"
-Linda H. Sear

"I purchased a bottle of your maximum sun tan oil at the Flamingo Hilton in Las Vegas. I think its great. I haven't been able to use suntan oil in a long time due to an allergic reaction. Your products is the only one I've found that doesn't give me a rash"
-Shari Ruthenbeck

"Having recently vacationed in Hawaii I bought and used your product while on the beach and have found Sun Solutions to be what I think is the finest tanning product on the market"
-K.C. Acton

"I always use your product. Nothing can compare. People compliment me all the time about my tan."
-Debbie Houle 

Insight on Skin & Sun


Your Skin & Sun Exposure

Your body produces a substance called melanin as a natural defense against sunburn in reaction to ultraviolet light in sunlight. Ultraviolet light stimulates melanin production. The pigment has the effect of absorbing the UV radiation in sunlight, so it protects the cells from UV damage. Melanin production takes a fair amount of time - that is why most people cannot get a tan in one day. You have to expose yourself to UV for a short period of time to activate the melanocytes. They produce melanin over the course of hours. By repeating this process over 5 to 7 days, pigment builds up in your cells to a level that is protective. Darker complexions contain more melanin than light complexions -thus fair skin tends to burn faster. 

When overexposure occurs, your natural blood flow increases which leads to two things: 1) first your skin swells and turns red then 2) skin cells begin to overproduce. To regain its natural cell level, the skin peels in an attempt to discard unnecessary cells. The skin is left without its natural pigment to protect from further damage once it has begun to peel. If you press on sunburned skin it will turn white and then return to red as the capillaries refill. Unfortunately there are no immediate symptoms to warn of overexposure. In most cases it takes several hours to see the effects of too much sun after the damage has already been done.

Prepping Skin for Sun

The SPF system (sun protection factor) is a uniform code used by all manufacturers of tanning products. The higher the number, the more protection provided. For example: if you would usually burn after 20 minutes of direct exposure (no sunscreen), you could use an spf 4 product and remain in the sun four times as long as usual (4x20 mins = 1 hour, 20 mins) without burning, an SPF 8 would allow you 8 times the exposure etc. Remember, a sunscreen must be applied as directed to retain its full SPF strength.

All sun is not the same! 90 degrees of northern sun can be equivalent to 70 degrees of subtropical of desert sun. While you may not require protection at home, remember the rays here are drastically intensified!Perfumes and medication often intensify the effects of the sun. Refrain from using perfumed body treatments and ask your doctor about any medication you may be on before starting your tanning program.Clouds, water, umbrellas, hats and etc. can provide false protection. The suns rays bounce of concrete and sand and can intensify through water to reflect directly on any unexposed part of your body.
The sun reaches its peak between 10:30a and 2:30p, so use extra protection during these hours.Keep hydrated! We all know the toll of a strong sun can take and your skin and body is dangerously depleted of moisture during the sunning process. Plenty of water or natural fruit juices are essential to staying hydrated.


Featured Products

Tan & Care Kits

Products Grouped For Your Specific Skin Type

If you're just starting out or are an experienced tanner, these kits are perfect for achieving the exact results that you want!

Super Sensitive Kit-For those who fear the sun! 


  • Sun Sensitive (spf 25)-for face and other sensitive areas of the body.) 
  • Sun Searcher Lotion (spf 8)-protection for the rest of your body. 
  • Super Aloe Creme-relieves burns
  • Super Aloe body Gel-cools and moisturizes skin.

Beginner's Kit-For those with no previous exposure who desire a smooth even base tan.


  • Sun Searcher Lotion (spf8) 
  • Sun Dancer Oil (spf 2) 
  • Super Aloe Creme 
  • Super Aloe Body Gel

Intermediate Kit- For those with a light color and desire a smooth even base tan.


  • Sun Searcher Lotion (spf 8) 
  • Aloe Mink Greaseless Oil 
  • Super Aloe Creme
  • Super Aloe Body Gel

Advanced Kit- For those who are already dark but wish to maximize their tan.


  • Aloe Mink Oil 
  • Super Aloe Creme
  • Super Aloe Body Gel 

Master Tanning Kit- To enhance the darkest tan and super condition the skin.


  • Sun Supreme Oil
  • Super Aloe Creme
  • Super Aloe Body Gel